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Information Security - Performance Optimization - IT Infrastructure

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Information Security

Get the protection you need for your data.

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Performance Optimization

Improve application performance while minimizing costs.

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IT Infrastructure

Select the appropriate infrastructure strategy to serve your operations.

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What We Do

Our Areas of Expertise
Data Protection and Information Security

Data Security

Whether on premises, in the cloud or both (hybrid), information security is critical. We can assess and provide remediation solutions to get organizations compliant with the industries they serve.

Our services include risk assessments and penetration testing as well as policy and operational strategy development all focused on getting your company the protection you need for your data.

Performance Optimization

If your apps and databases are not tuned well, your cloud expense can be magnified tremendously with no benefit. We specialize in helping customers improve application performance while minimizing cost.

We save organizations substantial money when hosting in the cloud. Cloud expenses are all about how much CPU, disk and memory you use. Disk is relatively cheap and more predictable, but RAM and particularly CPU are serious cost drivers.

Optimize Network Performance
IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

We help companies select the appropriate infrastructure strategy to serve the operations.

All combinations of on premises and cloud solutions to optimize functionality and minimize expense while keeping availability and security as key drivers.


Our Technology and Service Partners

Since 1999, The Madderra Group has built its business on solid partnerships with service organizations, consulting firms and technology companies to bring our customers best-in-class solutions. Our goal is to leverage these relationships together with our experience to deliver comprehensive risk management solutions and ultimately help our customers protect their business.


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